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Meeting the Customer

At the Central Station of Stockholm

I’ve been sitting inside the office quite a lot recently so when the opportunity came to go and meet new and existing customers at the central train station of Stockholm I decided to take it. Together with the main arranger Intel we were several representatives from the PC world including Dell, Asus, Samsung and HP showing our products to people passing by. As you can tell from the picture we at Microsoft were focusing on Windows 7 and the Windows Live suite of products. It’s fun to have a discussion with customers about the products we sell. Obviously I love talking to big PC fans but at the same it’s important to get the feedback from non-PC customers who tell us what they’re currently missing and how we should improve.

This is not what I would usually do at Microsoft but since I haven’t ramped up work in my own role to a 100% yet I was able to take some time off to learn about things important to Microsoft outside of my own area of (future) expertise.

If you wanna know more about the cool stuff you can do with the Windows Live, check out this film with my colleague Robert who’s also a MACH TAM, vintage ‘10.

Om den här bloggen

Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) är Microsofts traineeprogram för nyutexaminerade studenter över hela världen.

I den här bloggen kommer du att kunna läsa om hur det är att komma ut i arbetslivet efter studierna samt hur det är att jobba som trainee på ett av världens största IT-företag.

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