My first presentation

Last Friday I held a lecture about SharePoint 2010’s social features for the Swedish Microsoft employees. It was quite challenging for me since I come from a computer scientific background and have spent most of my time coding, playing or working behind the computer. I was of course accompanied by the dark angel of demos; he has been a faithful companion of mine ever since I went into the field of programming. Anyways, the presentation went great and I am eagerly awaiting MSAB to use all the social functionalities I demonstrated! It is not visible in the picture but there is a bunch of technical stuff around me. A wireless microphone, a headset (used for the airing via Lync), a computer (which I was attached to) to name a few.

Anne-Marie presenting Vårkänslor

My next project involves SharePoint Online, development and the cloud. I have to interrogate Atefeh about the cloud when she comes back from TechDays in Örebro. Lucky girl.



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